Personal Injury Lawyer


After suffering a personal injury, you likely have piles of medical bills to pay, property to repair or replace, and possibly even lost wages to make up for the time that you spent recovering. It can be tempting to simply accept the insurance company’s first offer for compensation, but there are times when insurance companies will be shorting you the compensation that you truly deserve.

At the North Carolina office of Dodge Jones Injury Law Firm, we know how the personal injury system works. With years of experience, our personal injury lawyers will be on your side, seeking the payment we feel that you’re entitled to.


Car accidents, medical malpractice and even dog bites all fall under the broad category of personal injury cases. The circumstances of every case are unique, and our personal injury attorneys will complete the investigation that is necessary to craft a strong argument on your behalf. Our attorneys have successfully represented many clients struggling with personal injuries resulting from:

  • Motor vehicle accidents including car crashes, tractor trailer accidents, motorcycle wrecks, pedestrian accidents and accidents involving drunk driving
  • Workplace accidents and occupational diseases
  • Products liability failures such as product defects, defective elevators and manufacturing errors
  • Animal attacks and dog bites
  • Medical malpractice, including surgical errors and pharmaceutical errors

Whether you were hurt in a car accident or another situation, you deserve to be compensated for your medical bills, lost wages and other damages. Our attorneys are well-respected by many insurance companies, and we know how to negotiate for the compensation our clients deserve.

If you have lost someone you care about due to wrongful death, our firm will pursue all of the damages you are entitled to under North Carolina’s Wrongful Death statute. Nothing can replace your loved one, but we can help you hold the responsible party accountable for their actions.


Do not let the insurance company convince you to accept less compensation than you deserve. Through strong negotiation and aggressive litigation, our attorneys will protect your interests and fight for the justice that you deserve.

If you were hurt because of someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing, it is important to contact a lawyer right away. During your free initial consultation, one of our personal injury lawyers will explain how the law relates to your situation and how we can help you pursue the compensation you may be entitled to.