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Dodge Jones represented me for a case I was told from other law firms in the area that would be "impossible" to win. Dodge Jones was willing to take my case and did the work necessary to make sure we were successful. Mr. Jones, Shannon, & Emily, all listened to my concerns and handled my case very promptly and with the utmost professionalism. The staff were more than accommodating to my needs when having to move out of state during the time of my case. I am extremely happy with all of their dedicated work and legal guidance. I would HIGHLY recommend Dodge Jones to anyone in need of an injury lawyer.

- Alicia Cesare

Kevin was absolutely amazing to have as an attorney! He got me every dollar that was possible in my case, without saying too much, it was a LOT! I can not thank them enough for all of their hard work. It took a while to settle but throughout all of it they made sure my doctors bills, medicines and everything was paid for. Kevin's assistant, Shannon, always kept me informed and made sure my mind was at ease during the whole process. Even almost a year later a doctors bill popped up and she took care of it real quick. I can not thank them enough and if I had to go through this all over again they would be my first call, again. Absolutely, without a doubt, the BEST in the business!

- Jaycee Shelters

I would highly recommend Kevin Jones. He helped me for eight years with my case. He got me what I deserved. His paralegals went up and beyond !!!! He will fight for you and family.

- Jonathan Oneal

I went through the Greenville, North Carolina office. After getting hurt on the job I really was at a lost and scared to death. Mr. Jones and his staff has treated me just like a family member! I know what people say about lawyers and car salesmen..heck, Mr. Jones knows what people say BUT Mr. Jones is not after a quick dollar or even a dollar. He (and his staff) honest to goodness, care about my well being! There was NEVER one time that I called that I couldn't get hold of someone or left a message and got called back. I def did NOT think it would have taken YEARS to settle my case BUT because he does care, MR. JONES would not take anything but the very best for my health concerns first then my settlement.He or his staff, ALWAYS took their time to answer any question and have listened to me cry, whine and fuss a million times. I am still amazed how great he and his crew treated me and am so very thankful! I am not getting paid to say this and matter fact told him I would not lie for him nor against him, just wanted to be honest so anyone that finds themselves in the spot I was in can know, there are very good and decent lawyers in this world and Mr. J Kevin Jones (and his staff!!) are at the top of the list! From bottom of my heart, thank you Mr. Jones and crew! Wish I could higher than 5 stars!!

- OBX Skins

I can't say enough good things about Kevin and the staff at Dodge Jones. Colleen was beyond helpful at navigating the ins and outs of my case. Everyone was extremely professional and friendly. I highly recommend Dodge Jones if you find yourself in need of an injury firm.

- Teresa Kinders

By far the best law firm. Ms. Colleen from the New Bern office went above and beyond. She handled the case as if the case was her own personal case. Highly recommend Dodge Jones to anyone.

- Joey H.

If you are looking for a highly knowledgeable, caring, and virtuous law firm to help you, Dodge Jones is the answer! You can definitely count on them to provide the best quality legal service. They are outstanding!

- Meghan H.