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Lawyers Near Me

Hey Google, Who are Lawyers Near Me?

If you’ve recently searched for an attorney using your cell phone, you’re not alone. On average, more than 33,100 people Google the phrase “lawyers near me” on a regular basis.

When it comes to looking for lawyers, it’s clearly a popular search phrase. And while it may be a good way to find a Bojangles or nearby place to fill up your car, it often doesn’t work quite as well for legal representation. . .especially in eastern and coastal North Carolina.

That’s because the quality of information provided in a Google Local Search often depends on the type of phone you have and what cell phone tower you’re close to.

If you’re sitting in Snow Hill NC and Google “lawyers near me,” search results might include attorneys in Kinston, Greenville, and Goldsboro.

And of the lawyers listed, without more information, they may or may not be able (or willing) to help with your particular legal issue. If you need a divorce lawyer and the attorneys listed all only handle real-estate closings, you’re back to square one.

What Type of Lawyer are You?

If you’re in a big city like Greenville NC or Jacksonville, North Carolina, a lot of lawyers focus on certain types of law or “practice areas.” Small-town lawyers who work as GP Lawyers (general practice) are becoming increasingly rare.

In years past, before widespread access to technology, people used to hire lawyers they knew and who were close-by home. Most people didn’t want to pay “long distance” phone charges to call a lawyer, let alone drive mile-after-mile to meet with an attorney.

“My family’s lawyer” was often a neighbor, someone who parents knew and trusted. Maybe a friend or family member went to church with a local attorney or used them for a past case.

General practice lawyers in small towns in Eastern N.C. did a lot of different things on a daily basis. One day they might help draft a will or settle a contract dispute. The next day they might have a court appearance for DUI charges or personal injury lawsuit.

With that diverse of a practice, local lawyers often stayed “local.” They didn’t travel much, preferring to handle a lot of different types of cases very close to where they lived.

Until recently, it was somewhat rare to find lawyers who had more than one office. If the need arose, attorneys might associate with local counsel and travel to a neighboring jurisdiction when it was really important.

Board Certified Specialist in Workers’ Compensation Law

As the NC laws have become increasingly complex, more-and-more lawyers have chosen to focus their practices on things like “accident and injury law” or “workers’ compensation law.” In fact, lawyers work hard to become recognized as Board Certified Specialists in their field.

Now, instead of handling a little bit of everything, lawyers who focus on one type of practice like employment law or work comp claims may choose to handle only those types of cases.

But those lawyers may now also travel great distances to help people with those types of legal matters. At least that’s true for the lawyers at our office, the Dodge Jones Injury Law Firm.

We’re a litigation law firm. We help people who have been injured in car accidents, truck accidents, and personal injury claims. That’s what partner Robert Dodge handles. He’s a PI Lawyer.

Kevin Jones is the managing partner in charge of all Workplace Injury Claims and “Hurt at Work” accidents for the firm. Such lawyers normally refer to themselves as “Work Comp Lawyers” or “Comp Lawyers.”

Attorneys Near Me in Eastern North Carolina

Handling cases in coastal and eastern NC is the rule, not the exception for our accident lawyers. That’s why we have 5 different offices in the region.

We want to make it easy on you to meet with a lawyer to discuss your case.

By the way, we’ll also travel to your home or hospital if that helps. In fact, we also are a fan of technology and can meet with clients via a secure video connection like GoToMeeting.com or Zoom.us.

As such, we regularly provide legal representation in places like:

  • Beaufort NC
  • Jacksonville, North Carolina
  • Morehead City / Atlantic Beach
  • New Bern
  • Jacksonville NC
  • Harkers Island
  • Swansboro
  • Kinston
  • Washington NC
Kevin Jones – NC Workers' Compensation Lawyer

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If you are looking for a highly knowledgeable, caring, and virtuous law firm to help you, Dodge Jones is the answer! You can definitely count on them to provide the best quality legal service. They are outstanding! Meghan H.
By far the best law firm. Ms. Colleen from the New Bern office went above and beyond. She handled the case as if the case was her own personal case. Highly recommend Dodge Jones to anyone. Joey H.