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The first office visit

Do I need a lawyer?Retaining an attorney or law firm for legal representation may be an important first step in settling a claim for damages.  Establishing the attorney-client relationship may seem a bit overwhelming to start.  Knowing what to expect at the first office visit is a good place to start.

Of course, that assumes an office visit works for you.  Not everyone is well enough to meet with a lawyer at their office.

That’s one reason we will come to you.

We’re available to meet and discuss your case at the hospital, at your rehabilitation center, or even at home.

We want to make retaining our firm easy and without worry.  Part of that includes meeting clients at their point of need.

First and foremost, we want to put you at ease.  We’re here to provide sound legal advice, offering a helping hand.  There’s nothing to worry about in speaking to an attorney – Kevin Jones

Do I need a lawyer?

There’s no law that says you have to hire an attorney.  You can always represent yourself and your legal interests in dealing with an insurance adjuster.

It’s our firm belief that’s a mistake.  We think you are at a disadvantage from the outset.  If insurance companies were always fair, there’d be no need for attorneys.  We’re busy and there is a reason for that:  insurance adjusters – Kevin Jones 

An important aspect of legal representation involves explaining the legal system.  It often isn’t as easy or straightforward as you might think.

Clients often become clients after they’ve tried to work through obtaining a settlement with a carrier by themselves.  Our system of justice has become increasingly complex.

If you’ve just been injured after a car wreck, one of the first legal issues may involve determining culpability.  Who caused the accident?

One popular method to challenge a claim for damages is to deny liability.

Even if the person who caused the accident apologizes, saying, “It’s all my fault,” that does not necessarily mean their insurance company will do the right thing and take responsibility.

Carriers all-too-often assert contributory negligence, arguing some responsibility for the wreck is shared.

North Carolina is one of the last remaining states that still recognizes the defense of contributory negligence.  If you are responsible for your injuries, even if in a small amount, that may bar your ability to recover any amount.

Understanding the mechanics of a wreck, reviewing accident reports, and the ability to link personal injuries to causality are important tools for presenting an effective claim.

That, in part, is what personal injury lawyers do to help.

We carefully analyze cases.

Reviewing the accident report, and the conclusions therein regarding the cause of the accident is a good place to start.  But it is by no means the end-all and beat-all.

Police officers are human.  Just like the rest of us, they are subject to making mistakes, drawing the wrong conclusions, and bias.

We believe it’s important to conduct an independent investigation of the accident, speaking with witnesses on-scene, and working to determine if the conclusions drawn by the investigating officer are both accurate and reasonable.

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Personal Injury Lawyers Near Me – Kevin Jones

Our law firm is dedicated to helping people who have been hurt by the negligence of others.

If you were injured in a car accident, trucking accident, or some other personal injury matter, we’re here to help.

Legal consultations at our law office are free of charge.

That’s true even if we visit you in the hospital or at home.  We don’t require a formal office visit.

Legal fees are tied to success.  As PI lawyers we work on a contingency.

Our legal fees are earned only if we are successful in obtaining a settlement or judgment after trial, assuming we’re required to file suit and litigate in the courts.

Either way, sitting down and talking with us, asking questions, and getting information about your legal rights in North Carolina is free.

Call Kevin Jones now to schedule your consultation.



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