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Most Dangerous Jobs in North Carolina

Construction Site Accidents Our personal injury law firm helps people who have been injured on the job and in workplace accidents.

As such, we encounter a wide range of different types of injuries from “slip and fall” traumas, to workplace exposure to chemicals, to repetitive motion claims, to motor vehicle accidents related to the job and job duties.

“Most dangerous” is therefore a relative term.

To some, the most dangerous jobs are those where injuries result in loss of limb, the severity of the injury, or even a fatality (death of an employee or worker).

To others, it may mean the most common workplace injuries or claims made for Workers’ Compensation in North Carolina.

"Given negligence is largely removed from the equation, we prefer to focus on getting clients the Comp benefits they deserve under the Act."

- Kevin Jones, Workers Compensation Lawyer, Jacksonville NC

Workplace Fatalities

Clearly, when an employee dies on the job due to an unsafe condition or even a freak accident, it’s a tragedy.

Do I Need a Lawyer to File a Work Comp Claim?

Our hearts go out to surviving friends, family, and loved ones.

Workplace fatalities are particularly troublesome, given that in some instances the injury and death could have been avoided by providing a safe work environment.

Since approximately 2013 there has been a developing upward trend of Total Fatal Occupational Injuries in North Carolina.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2019 Fatal Occupational Injuries characterizes fatalities by Exposure, Major Event, and Selected Characteristics.

How Much is My Comp Claim Worth?

In 2019 there were 186 Total Fatal Injuries, the vast majority of those involve a “Wage and Salary” employee (156) rather than someone who is characterized as “Self Employed” (30).

"Consistent with our practice, workplace fatalities affect male employees at a substantially higher rate, accounting for 173 of the 186 Total Fatal Injury metric."

- Kevin Jones, Work Comp Lawyer Greenville NC

Car Accidents and Transportation Incidents

If related to job responsibilities, car accidents and other MVA - Motor Vehicle Accident injuries and fatalities may be compensable under the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act.

Working from Home Comp Claims

That’s good, given almost 40% (74 of 186) of workplace, work-related, and on-the-job fatalities are attributed to Car Accidents and Transportation Incidents.

“Slips and Fall” fatalities, or those characterized as “Falls, Slips, Trips” are the second-highest category with 36 (19.35 %).

“Violence and Other Injuries by Persons or Animals” amount to 30 of the 186 Fatal Occupational Injuries (16.13 %).

Undocumented Workers in NC

Most Dangerous Jobs Workplace accident statistics may be unintentionally skewed due to under-reporting and other factors, particularly by undocumented workers.

According to the American Immigration Council, North Carolina has a growing immigrant population.

Approximately 8% of those residing in the Pine State are “foreign-born.” That population represents a substantial amount of workers/employees in the labor force.

It is estimated that 1/3 of all residents working in forestry, fishing, and farming jobs are immigrants.

The leading “countries of origin” for foreign-born residents are Mexico (28%), India (9%), Honduras (4%), China (3%), and El Salvador (3%).

Construction, Natural Resources, and Maintenance occupations account for 56 of the 186 annual fatalities in North Carolina or 30.10%.

Material Moving, Transportation, and Production occupations resulted in 64 of 186 NC workplace / occupation fatalities or 34.41%.

Of those 186 tragic fatalities, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports for 2019:

White (non-Hispanic) = 64.52%
African American or Black (non-Hispanic) = 21.51%
Latino or Hispanic = 10.22%

Does Age Make a Difference in Work Comp Claims?

What may surprise some is that younger workers, often thought to be less experienced and perhaps less safety conscious at times, do not account for a majority of fatalities.

55 to 64 years old: 49/186 = 26.34%
65 years old or older: 38/186 = 20.43%
45 to 54 years old: 35/186 = 18.82%
35 to 44 years old: 25/186 = 13.44%
25 to 34 years old: 24/186 = 12.90%
20 to 24 years old: 11/186 = 5.91%
18 to 19 years old: 4/186 = 2.15%

As such, middle-aged to retirement-aged employees account for 65.59% of workplace fatalities in 2019.

The newest employees and reported self-employed members of the workforce, those aged between 18 and 25 years old, account for approximately 8% of occupational fatalities in North Carolina, again in 2019.

Eastern North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Attorney – Kevin Jones

We focus a tremendous amount of time and resources helping people who have been hurt at work, whether that takes place on a construction site, a factory, or as part of driving for employment.

"If you have been injured as part of your job, irrespective of what you do, we may be able to help. We focus making you whole."

- Kevin Jones, New Bern Accident Lawyer

Legal consultations for personal injury cases, those including things like car accidents and workplace injuries are free of charge.

We do not charge consultation fees.

We also do not pressure potential clients into making claims or filing lawsuits.

We provide information and advice about how the system works, knowing that information makes for better decision-making.

Will I Lose My Job if I File for Workmen's Compensation?

We also understand making a claim for “Workman's Comp,” “Workers' Compensation,” or whatever you personally prefer to call it, can be scary.

Some employers don’t react well to Comp Claims.

We know and anticipate it.

That’s one reason we offer free, confidential consultations. It doesn’t hurt to gather information and thereafter decide what is best for you and your family.

You may personally reach attorney Kevin Jones by email at Kevin@DodgeJones.com

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